The Ohio State University at Lima

Business student making the most of Buckeye Opportunity

As alumni, you remember that one of the keys to getting all the financial aid, grants and scholarships you are eligible for is filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. With your firsthand experience, you can help us get the word out to future students just how important it is to file the FAFSA by Ohio State’s priority deadline of Feb. 1. Read more about the doors the FAFSA can open in Luke Lammer’s story.

image of Luke Lammers

Luke Lammers knew he wanted to continue his education past high school. He also knew that he would need to choose a place he could pay for without any help from his family.

“I am one of seven siblings so I have to pay for college on my own,” Lammers said.

Shopping for an education based solely on price could have meant that Lammers did not get to choose an institution that offered something he wanted to build his future around. Then he sat down in the financial aid office at Ohio State Lima. Financial Aid Coordinator Tony Dickman evaluated Lammers’ situation and let him know that as a Pell-eligible student he would qualify for the Buckeye Affordability Grant. Lammers and his mom were blown away by the opportunity.

“Until I found out about the Buckeye Affordability program, I wasn’t going to start out going right to Ohio State,” Lammers said. “The Buckeye Affordability program definitely changed my journey. Ohio State is a really good school. It has a lot of opportunities I can choose from.”

That opportunity opened up a world of possibilities for Lammers. He has settled into college life, enjoys his classes and has been making friends. He is studying business and leaning toward a future in human resources.

“I came to Ohio State because of the grant and how great this school is,” Lammers said. “The opportunity to have tuition free here at Ohio State made it possible for me to go here. When I was looking into what colleges I should go to I looked a lot at how much it would cost me. This grant allowed me to not have to worry so much about tuition cost, and more about my future.”