The Ohio State University at Lima

Ohio State Lima Honors Program

The Honors Program on Ohio State Lima campus enriches the academic and social experiences of motivated students. Through a variety of curricular offerings, cultural events, and social activities, the Honors Program promotes the intellectual and personal development of qualified undergraduate students. By joining the Honors Program, you gain access to the very best academic and cultural opportunities the campus can offer.

Ohio State Lima Honors Program

The Honors Program offers Ohio State Lima students a variety of benefits:

Honors Courses and Curriculum

  • Smaller classes
  • Distinguished faculty
  • Motivated students
  • Priority scheduling
  • "H" Honors designation on transcript
  • Research and independent study opportunities

Honors Community

  • Honors colloquia and seminars
    • Students and faculty discuss engaging readings
    • Eminent scholars share their research
  • Trips for study and fun
    • Throughout Ohio
  • Community
    • Social activities
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Choose trips, colloquia, and seminars

Honors Awards, Scholarships and Graduation

  • Honors Book Awards awarded to top performers in each honors class
  • Honors Tuition Awards awarded every year
  • Graduation Awards
  • Graduating with Honors for Select Degrees

Don't miss out! Apply!
Apply to the Honors Program year-round. If you hope to join the Honors Program by the beginning of the semester, you must submit the application by July 31 for Autumn semester and by November 30 for Spring semester. Incoming/first-year students, transfer students and current Lima students all use the same application.

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