The Ohio State University at Lima


Are there extra fees for participation in the Honors Program?

No. In fact participating in the Honors Program could help you reduce your expenses: earn an Honors Book Award or Honors Tuition Award!

I am worried that Honors classes might be too difficult for me, or might involve a lot of extra work. Wouldn't it be safer to stay in regular courses?

The membership requirements are the faculty's way of indicating the target audience for Honors courses; if you come close to meeting the membership criteria, you belong in Honors courses. Generally the quantity of work is no greater in an Honors section, which is sometimes distinguished more by the level of the material and the types of interaction you have with fellow students and faculty. Honors students must be motivated to succeed, but do not let fear prevent you from trying your best for a richer, fuller college experience!

I am in the Honors Program but I was not given priority course scheduling. Why not? How can I receive this privilege?

Only students admitted to the Honors Program with an "H" designation are entitled to priority course scheduling; students admitted as Invited "I" Honors students must first earn the "H" designation before receiving the privilege of priority scheduling. For a description of the difference between the H and I designations and the ways you can earn the H designation, see the Requirements page. If you received notice that you were admitted with the full H designation but still do not have priority scheduling, contact the Admissions Office or your Academic Advisor to have the H added to your student record.

I am changing campuses. Will my Honors status follow me to Columbus?

It depends on your college. Each college or campus has its own criteria and curriculum for Honors students. When changing campuses, you should consult with your intended college of enrollment for Honors information. For more detail, see the section titled "Requirements for Continuing as an Honors Student on Another Campus" on the "Requirements" page.

I am changing campuses. Will my Honors credits follow me to Columbus?

Yes. All campuses and courses belong to one Ohio State University and therefore transcripts do not identify the campus on which a course was offered. So Honors courses you take in Lima remain permanently on your OSU transcript as Honors courses.

Since I'm in Lima's Honors Program, does this mean I'll graduate with an Honors degree?

Not necessarily, but you've made the right start. OSU students can graduate with several types of honors designated on their transcripts, and all of the types depend on academic performance. Some are based solely on cumulative GPA and these are available to students who graduate on the Lima campus. Some are based on a student’s particular program of study, and we can accommodate those wishing to pursue graduating with honors in a few of the degrees offered on our campus. For more detail, see the "Graduation Honors & Awards" section of the "Honors Awards, Tuition Awards, & Recognition page" page.

I have a question that is not answered here. Where can I get more information?

Speak with an Academic Advisor or contact the Director of the Honors Program, Jackie Augustine, Science 330.