The Ohio State University at Lima

Honors Courses and Curriculum

Honors Courses are taught by select faculty members who are recognized scholars in their fields. The courses are capped at a smaller size than similar non-honors sections, so you get to work more closely with a select group of students as well as with faculty.

Honors students enjoy university-level Priority Scheduling, making them among the first to schedule courses each semester. Honors courses are designated with an "H" on the schedule and the student's transcript.

Honors Courses:

  • Provide appropriate intellectual challenges
  • Develop communication skills
  • Foster analytical and critical thinking
  • Build community among Honors students

The Lima campus offers 4-5 Honors courses each semester, mostly introductory or GE courses. Lima is offering the following Honors courses:

Autumn Semester 2019:

Biology 1113H
English 1110.02H
EXP 1100.01H
History 2001H
Psychology 1100H
Psychology 3340E

Spring Semester 2020:

Biology 1114H
Earth Science 1110H
Psychology 3331E
Theatre 2100H

In addition to the Honors courses, the campus offers Honors students these additional opportunities for academic enrichment:

Honors Embedded Courses

Honors Embedded courses, designated with an “E” on the schedule and the student’s transcript, offer honors experiences embedded within non-honors courses. Honors students embedded in the course will have increased interaction with faculty and deeper engagement with the material.

Honors Equivalent Courses

Honors Equivalent courses are 4000-level (and possibly some 3000-level) courses outside of the Honors student's major field which, when satisfactorily completed in the student's first two years, count as Honors courses. Honors students have the same workload and grading structure as other students; professors are not expected to provide a different experience for Honors and non-honors students within these courses. While any 4000-level course not in the student's major field is eligible count as an Honors Equivalent course, prerequisites may be an issue.

Individual Studies Courses

Individual Studies Courses are courses designed by the individual student and mentoring faculty, whereby the student contracts with the faculty to do high-quality independent work, such as a research project or an art or performance project. The student receives course credit for this work. Students interested in the Individual Studies opportunity should contact a member of the faculty for more information at least one semester in advance of the planned course.

Undergraduate Research

Ohio State Lima strongly encourages undergraduates to undertake independent research with the guidance of faculty. While this opportunity is available to all Lima students, it is especially appropriate for Honors students who may be able to graduate the ‘with honors research distinction’ designation on their transcript (this designation available in select major fields). For more information, visit the undergraduate research website and contact the Honors Director Dr. Jackie Augustine (