The Ohio State University at Lima

Ohio State Lima announces 2018 Homecoming Court

October 2, 2018

The 2018 Ohio State Lima Homecoming Court was selected from a pool of applicants based on their leadership qualities, spirit, integrity, scholastic performance and achievement through their contributions and involvement at Ohio State. A selection committee interviewed each applicant and chose three male and three female students to comprise the Lima Homecoming Court. The application and interview scores are combined with the student body vote to determine Lima’s king and queen.

Lima’s Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen will be announced at a private crowning ceremony at the Longaberger Alumni House, on Fri., Oct. 5, 2018, in Columbus.

During Homecoming Week, Oct. 1-6, 2018, the entire court will participate in activities during the week both in Lima and Columbus, at the Homecoming Parade and during the Homecoming Game against the Indiana Hoosiers.The court is spearheading an art supply drive to be shared with children who are in area hospitals either as patients or visitors. Arts supplies are being collected at the Nutrien Welcome Center in the Perry Webb Student Life Building.

Lima’s 2018 Homecoming Court

Jackson Dickman, senior in Middle Childhood Education and Special Education, of Troy

Jackson Dickman

Jackson is involved with the Student Senate Pillowcase Project with the American Red Cross, West Ohio Food Bank, United Way, Ohio State Lima’s Honors Program and the Education Club. “Being a Buckeye is multifaceted. It means that I am a part of something much larger than myself, yet I am able to use my education and experience to be the best middle school special education teacher I can be,” Jackson said. “The Buckeye Nation is like none other in the opportunity, engagement, brotherhood, commitment, challenge, loyalty, and their consistent leadership in a multitude of organizations worldwide, and I am part of this elite group!”

Will Kleffner, senior in history, of Lima

Will Kleffner

Will is a member of the Barons baseball team, Buckeye Scholars and fitness and wellness committee for the Perry Webb Student Life Building. He serves as the treasurer of the History Club and is a student employee for both the earth sciences and athletics departments. “A Buckeye is someone who, with the tools they have learned in the classroom, can help others achieve their goals,” Will said. “To be a Buckeye is to be united with the thousands before and the many more to come.”

Melissa Martinez, senior in early childhood education, of Paulding and Mexico

Melissa Martinez

Melissa is involved with the Campus Activities Board, Newman Student Outreach, the Education Club, Honors Program, Running Club and the United Way Club. She serves on the Diversity Committee and is the student representative to the Ohio State Lima board. “Being a Buckeye means to always strive for achievement. Through my time at Ohio State, I have learned that we Buckeyes never give up and regardless of the outcome we always want to do better next time. We don’t settle,” Melissa said. “Being a Buckeye has become part of my identity, and regardless of where I am geographically I feel at home whenever I see someone else from my Buckeye Nation wearing OSU apparel.”

Colten Napier, senior in health sciences/pre-med with a biology minor, of Waynesfield

Colten Napier

Colten is involved with Campus Activities Board, Gamers’ Guild, Ultimate Frisbee and has worked with campus facilities. “To be a Buckeye is to become part of the largest family in Ohio” Colten said. “As a soon to be graduate, I am confident that in my journey through life every Buckeye I encounter will have my back, likewise I’ll have theirs.”

Amari Russell, sophomore in biology, of Lima

Amari Russell

Amari is involved with REEDefined Acapella, the United Way Club, Circle K Club, the American Sign Language Club, and the Campus Progressive Caucus. She works on campus as a junior FYE counselor, academic advising assistant, an English tutor and a DREAM scholarship advocate. “Being a Buckeye is not only a title I have acquired, it is now my way of life,” Amari said. “I am a student of The Ohio State University and I am proud to be a Buckeye.”

Emali Sroufe, senior in health sciences and pre-occupational therapy, of Indian Lake

Emali Sroufe

Emali is involved with the Circle K Club and the United Way Club. She is a barista in the Perry Webb Student Life Building and a University Ambassador. “To me, being a Buckeye means being a part of something that is so much larger than any one person or one event. As a Buckeye I know I will continuously find fellow Buckeyes no matter where I am, which gives me a strong sense of community,” Emali said. “During my years at The Ohio State University I have been taught by remarkable teachers, learned important life lessons, and have built lifelong friendships. It is the culmination of tradition and people that grow together to create one Buckeye nation ... one Buckeye family.”