The Ohio State University at Lima

Former mentee takes on new role as mentor

August 25, 2021

Jacklyn Leffel

Jacklyn Leffel was the first in her family to attend college and she was nervous about the transition from high school. She needed the advice of an older sister or brother. Since she is the oldest sibling, she was happy to get an Each One Teaches One mentor to help her navigate her first year at The Ohio State University at Lima.

Now she is stepping up to be a mentor in the same E1T1 peer-to-peer mentoring program.

“Going into my freshman year, I was extremely nervous about everything and did not know anyone going to Ohio State Lima,” Leffel said. “E1T1 allowed for an easier transition into college because I was able to ask any sort of question that I needed. I want to be able to not only be this for someone else but also give back the positive experience I was given.”

E1T1 is a student success program designed to connect incoming freshmen to the Ohio State Lima community. Students who participate also attend workshops during the summer to jumpstart their academic careers.
Leffel’s mentor was a fellow education major and brought personal experience to the table that Leffel is grateful for.

“It gave me an insight into my major because I wasn’t just walking blindly into it,” Leffel said. “She was able to provide me with some expectations about what I would be going through and what I need to prepare for in the future.”

As she enters her second year, Leffel has two mentees of her own. She is looking forward to building relationships and helping them make a successful move to the college environment. She did it and so can they.

“While I am only a year older than my mentees, the idea of being a new student on campus is fresh in my mind,” Leffel said. “It may also be easier to talk to another student about concerns rather than a staff member.”

Jacklyn Leffel is a middle childhood education major from New Knoxville and works as a University Ambassador on campus. Look for more stories about her experience as an E1T1 mentor as the year progresses.