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Homecoming 2022: Ohio Stadium memories

Ohio State Marching Band in Ohio Stadium 2019 versus Cincinnati

Ohio State is celebrating 100 years of Ohio Stadium.

Faculty, staff and students at Ohio State Lima have shared below some of their most memorable moments in the 'Shoe. You can join the 100-year celebration by sharing your best memories of one of the most iconic landmarks in college athletics.

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Bill Angel

Professor Emeritus

The Day my Daughter Met Woody Hayes

October 1981–Ohio State v. Florida State. A miserable game. Florida State 37/Ohio State 26.

Two seasons had passed since that 1978 Gator Bowl when Coach Hayes had punched a Clemson player. Woody was fired the day after the incident.

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On that sunny October afternoon, I was frustrated by Ohio State’s loss to FSU. So were my 10-year old daughter Maria and my Dad, Bill Sr., who accompanied me to the game.

As we made our way around the west side of Ohio Stadium , I spotted Woody Hayes, standing alone near the press elevator. He looked like a man waiting for a bus.

“Hey, Maria, look! There’s Woody Hayes,” I said.

Maria was thrilled and declared, "Daddy, I want to meet him."

I hesitated a moment, but not my father.

He grabbed Maria by the hand, saying: "You wanna meet Woody? Come with me."

Dad marched up to the former coach, and announced, "Woody, I'd like you to meet my granddaughter, Maria."

Flashing a smile, Woody shook Maria’s hand and said, "Glad to meet you, Maria." He then began engaging her in conversation, like he was recruiting a future quarterback.

"What grade are you in? Where do you go to school?" he asked.

"I'm in the fourth grade, and I go to Roosevelt School in Lima,” Maria replied.

Their conversation continued a few minutes more, as Woody encouraged her to work hard. “Now, listen to your teacher,” he advised.

My father was beaming like it was his best day ever. Perhaps it was.

In May 2008, following Dad’s funeral, Maria—grown and working as a special ed coordinator for Columbus City Schools—reflected on that moment. “I thought Woody was Grandpa’s friend,” she said.

“Indeed he was, Maria. And yours, too.”

Photo: Bill Angel (left) at the graduation of his daughter Maria with his father in 1994 in front of Ohio Stadium.

Temple Patton

Psychology, 2000; MA-Public Policy and Management, 2018; Ohio State Lima diversity and inclusion manager

In 2013, Temple Patton was named one of 12 Distinguished Staff Award winners from across the university and was recognized on the field of Ohio Stadium.

It began with the surprise visit from Columbus,

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a luncheon and award with President Gee, and ended with my sons and I receiving VIP treatment before the game. It was the first Ohio State game my sons attended. They were too busy working as college students, which made it even more exciting. The picture comes up in my Facebook feed every year.

Photo: Temple Patton (right) receives congratulations on the Ohio Stadium field.

Faith Cummings

Education, 1975; Ohio State Lima lecturer in education

Although I attended all four years here at Ohio State Lima, my family enjoyed seeing me graduate in the ’Shoe. That was 47 years ago.

My father quit school after the 8th grade, so at home that evening, he asked me if he could put on my cap and gown and get his picture taken with my Ohio State diploma.

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This is him – he always “preached” that we needed a good education. I believe, that, by attending Ohio State Lima, I did receive that good education!

Photo: Alfred Spring trying out daughter Faith Spring Cummings' cap and gown the evening after she graduated from The Ohio State University.

Mike Buckland

Mass Communications, 2002; Ohio State Lima webmaster

Mike Buckland has been taking his daughters to Buckeye football games each year since they were old enough to cheer on the team.

Photo: Mike Buckland with his oldest daughter Izzy then and now.

Elyjah Roa

Homecoming Court 2022

My favorite experience at the ’Shoe was the Notre Dame game this year! I’ve never heard the crowd get that loud or passionate for the team.

Photo: Elyjah Roa (left) in Ohio Stadium in 2021.

Alyssa Brown

English, 2020; Ohio State Lima admissions counselor

My favorite experience at Ohio Stadium was also my first experience. It was the fall of 2015 and I was 17 years old, a senior in high school. My older cousin, Keaton, was a junior at Ohio State Columbus campus and wanted me to get a taste of Ohio State. The game was a blackout game against Penn State on October 17.

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Though it was FREEZING outside, we walked from his house on Pacemont Avenue to the ’Shoe (about 2 miles). I was frozen to the bone by the end of the night (after walking back). This is what I tend to remember the most about the experience, but when I really think about it, this day was my Buckeye awakening. I had never been to a college football game, let alone one like an Ohio State game. The energy in the stands was incredible despite the weather. I wasn’t a huge football fan, but this was also my first time watching the Ohio State marching band. I couldn’t believe how great they were. As a band kid in high school, it was a huge surprise and delight to see that nearly everyone stays in their seat to watch the band rather than hitting the concessions.

Perhaps my favorite part of the experience, though, is that I got to go with my older cousin who I’ve always admired. He already served as my primary inspiration to consider college since no one in my nuclear family had attended college. I remember feeling so cool that he included me in such an experience. Little did he know that this experience, even the frigid walk through Columbus, established my love of Ohio State. This connection contributed to my choice to earn a degree from Ohio State, which is how I’ve found myself as an individual and scholar. Now I help high school students develop their relationship with Ohio State.

Photo: Alyssa Brown (right) with her cousin in Ohio Stadium.

Lily Carmer

Homecoming Court 2022

This fall, I am definitely looking forward to making memories at the ’Shoe with friends! This homecoming, I know there will be a lot of laughter and excitement in the stadium. I can't wait to cheer for the Buckeyes and be a part of all the fun!

Tim Cheeseman

Education, 1989; director of Ohio State Lima's Heath Learning Center

I entered Ohio State in autumn of 1984 and lived in the stadium dorms for scholarship students. I roomed with a pre-dental student who smelled like pizza and we all shared a communal bathroom with two full hallways. The room was windowless and so small that the mice moved out by mid-September. We had one phone for the entire floor, and it cost a nickel to use for local calls.

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We were technically some kind of academic ‘fraternity” and so were asked to field an intramural football team. In the world of “scholarship housing” I qualified as athletic because I had played in high school ... I was a terrible football player. But we played games in the stadium and all of us were almost killed. I was, of course, thankful for the scholarship.

Read more about the Ohio Stadium Scholarship Dorm in Ohio State Alumni Magazine

Photo: Exterior photo of the Stadium Dorm circa the 1950s from The Ohio State University Archives

Justin F. Courtney

Director of Student Services

2022. It was my parents first Buckeye game at the 'Shoe … it was also mine! What an amazing experience, we had an absolute blast. Pops is the worst at smiling at pics…always after or before the snap. Lol.

Photo: Justin F. Courtney (second from the right) and his family in Ohio Stadium in 2022.

Britt Collier-Gibson

2018, PhD in education; Ohio State Lima lecturer in education

I took my 14-year-old daughter who not only learned what “downs” were in the game, but also learned about the College of Veterinary Medicine and asked 1000 questions about what it would be like to be a college student at Ohio State.

Photo: Britt Collier-Gibson (right) in Ohio Stadium with her daughter at the 2022 Ohio State v. Arkansas.