The Ohio State University at Lima

Ohio State Lima shows strong freshmen and retention numbers in latest enrollment report

Ohio State Lima autumn 2018 enrollment report

September 25, 2018

The newest official enrollment report for The Ohio State University is out for autumn semester 2018. Ohio State Lima has a steady enrollment of 1,010 total students. The campus saw an increase in new students and strong retention numbers.

369 of the students at Ohio State Lima for autumn semester 2018 are new freshmen, which is a 13.9 percent increase over the same time last year. The new students represent 30 Ohio counties with the Allen, Putnam, Auglaize, Logan and Shelby counties having the strongest representations. While the freshmen are from more than 120 high schools, the top feeders are Shawnee, Ottawa Glandorf, Elida, Bath, Wapakoneta, Benjamin Logan, Lima Central Catholic and Bellefontaine.

As in past years, the break down for male to female students is about even at 51.8 percent male and 48.2 percent female.

Ohio State Lima’s Academy program has 65 high school students from 21 area high schools enrolled for autumn. The Academy program is Ohio State’s implementation of the Ohio’s College Credit Plus program that allows talented high school students to enroll in coursework while still in high school.

Diversity continues to increase across the university. At Ohio State Lima, new first-year student ethnic minority representation is at 17.8 percent. Overall in Lima, the diversity number is 19.8 percent of the student population. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing with a 25 percent change from 2017.

Ohio State Lima continues to push the affordability and access components of the university experience. More than a third of the new first year students are first generation college goers. 98 first year students have joined the Generation One Learning Community, a program emphasizing the keys to success both inside and outside the classroom. That is up from 75 students in 2017. Lima is piloting a new Each One Teaches One mentoring program that pairs current students with new to help them navigate their education paths.

Retention at Ohio State Lima from year one to year two has been above 60 percent since 2014. In 2017, the number was 64.5 percent and is projected to increase to between 66 and 68 percent this autumn. The retention rate from year two to three is at a 10 year high of 58.5 percent. In practical terms, strong retention means more students are progressing towards completion and will graduate in a timely fashion for their programs.