The Ohio State University at Lima

Theatre for Young Audiences presents live action puppet show Nov. 12-13

October 26, 2022

Four puppets-Louis the Cat, Danny the Dog, Ostrich, Miss Mousey

The Theatre for Young Audiences program at The Ohio State University at Lima presents its autumn 2022 production, Louis the Cat and His Puppet Friends, in public performances at 7:30 p.m., November 12, and 2:00 p.m., Sunday, November 13, in the Martha W. Farmer Theatre for the Performing Arts in Reed Hall.

Louis the Cat is written by Dr. Maria Ignatieva, Martha W. Farmer Endowed Professor of Theatre. The show is approximately 40 minutes long and appropriate for all ages. It is the first in 27 years of children’s theatre at Ohio State Lima to be a completely puppet or marionette performance. It was created in collaboration with the student actors.

“Live puppet shows are the best entertainment for children and our show also contains the most important themes about friendship and comradery,” said Dr. Ignatieva. “Sometimes we could fight as ‘cats and dogs,’ but in the times of crisis, we overcome small disagreements for the sake of greater goals.”

Tickets are $2 for children under 10, $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors 65+. Tickets are available at the box office in Reed Hall one hour before the start of each production. The box office can accept both cash and checks.


Once upon a time, in a small town, there was a little apartment building on Cherry Lane, where many puppets lived together as good neighbors: Donny the Dog, Monty the Monkey with his little son Junior, Miss Mousey, and Mr. Ostrich. They hired a doorman, Felix, to help them protect their building and bring them food. Mischievous Louis the Cat often played tricks on his neighbors, but when it came to rescuing little Junior, he and Donny the Dog were the first to help. They saved little Junior, and in the end, all the neighbors danced in celebration in their front yard, together with the touring group of the marionette dancers.

Cast and Crew

Dr. Maria Ignatieva, director/producer
Don Knoblauch, guest set designer from the Columbus Children’s Theatre
Zach Welly, technology and crew

Alec Keller as Louis the Cat
Charley Walker Cheeseman-Armey as Donny the Dog
Jose Jones as Monty the Monkey
Aimee Kloeppel as Miss Mousey
Jayn Leppla as Junior the Little Monkey