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Zoology degree program comes to Ohio State Lima

Students can now take all the coursework for the zoology program at Ohio State Lima. Zoology is the 12th complete bachelor’s degree program offered in Lima. Ohio State Lima students can also begin courses for all of Ohio State’s other 200 majors at the Lima campus.

The zoology program is well suited to students who want to pursue a degree in the natural sciences and whose main interest is in animals and animal-based fields such as medicine and veterinary sciences.
“We have students who have used a zoology degree as a springboard to professional schools such as veterinary medicine or as a path to graduate school and a research career,” said Ryan Norris, assistant professor of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. “Others have gone directly into the workforce as naturalists and educators. Offering the zoology degree will give our students more flexibility in scheduling and allow them to specialize.”

On a very practical level, the zoology program will give students who want to stay at the Lima campus the opportunity to continue to take advantage of Ohio State Lima’s close community of scholars while earning a degree that can catapult them into an in-demand career.

“One of the benefits of taking my classes at Lima is the fact that I can continue to live at home and commute to Lima. Tuition cost was another big advantage, so I can save money while earning my zoology bachelor’s degree,” said Samantha Newman, a senior who commutes from Sidney. “The small class sizes are also a huge advantage as it allows me to have closer interactions with my professors that you don’t get with larger classes. I think the smaller class size enables me to learn the content of the classes better and gives me the opportunity to talk with the professors if I have any doubts.”

Newman is applying to vet schools.

“I chose zoology because I have always loved and been fascinated with all kinds of animals and was excited for an opportunity to have new experiences and get to learn more about the subject I love while also earning a degree,” she said. “I also felt that a degree in zoology would prepare me well for veterinary school.”

The Bachelor of Arts in zoology is offered by Ohio State’s Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. Zoology is often chosen as a major by pre-professional students in pre-med, pre-vet and pre-dental programs. The zoology major also satisfies the undergraduate requirements for admission to graduate programs in the biological sciences in universities across the country.

Ohio State Lima offers bachelor’s programs in biology, business, child and youth studies, early childhood education, middle childhood education, English, history, health sciences, psychology, social work and theatre. Ohio State Lima also offers the first-year coursework in Ohio State’s nationally ranked engineering program and degree completion coursework in RN to BSN, dental hygiene, health sciences and social work.

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