Campus Food Options

Mercy Health Cafe​

Located in the Perry Webb Student Life Building, the Mercy Health Cafe proudly serves Starbucks coffee and beverages. Additionally, the Mercy Health Cafe has fresh, made-to-order flatbread pizzas and offers a variety of grab-and-go options.

The Reed Hall Cafe

The Reed Hall Cafe, located in Reed Hall, is open for socializing, gathering and eating. With an accessible microwave you can warm up your packed lunches. With lots of long tables and chairs, you can hold meetings during lunch, or just meet a whole group of your new college buddies!

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

Pick up a snack fast at the Barnes and Noble bookstore and browse a variety of chips, candy, drinks, cookies, and other quick pick me up snacks.


In addition, vending machines for soft drinks, hot drinks and soup, chips, salty snacks, candy and the like are available in most buildings. 

Food Trucks 10am - 2:00pm

Open to the public     
Located on the southwest corner of the Quad, near the Science building and Reed Hall.  

November 2023    
Busy Mom Kitchen – Tuesday, 11/21 cancelled  
Sun-E Side Up – Tuesday, 11/28

December 2023    
N&H Concessions - Friday, 12/8    

**Food Truck Vendors and dates may be subject to change depending on weather and/or other factors**