The Ohio State University at Lima

Diversity Committee


The Diversity Committee’s primary function is to infuse diversity within the university to create a culture of diversity on the campus. To achieve this, members assist the Diversity Committee chair and the University in assessing and revising existing practices and makes recommendations in the planning and developing of new practices and initiatives that will promote diversity on the campus. Such initiatives include but not limited to: increasing the number of underrepresented students, faculty and staff as well as the retaining of these groups and creating diversity awareness and engagement initiatives as well as developing partnerships with minority-owned and women-owned suppliers/businesses. The ultimate goal is to make the University a more balanced and diverse institution of higher learning. This will also filter into the extended community and help to promote a more diverse community in general.


Dr. Pat Carroll, Co-Chair
Associate Professor of Psychology
Temple Patton MA, Co-Chair
Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Melissa Coldiron
Human Resources Manager
Courtney Gandy
Admissions Counselor and Staff Assistant
Drew Halverson-Allen
student, Middle Childhood Education
De Monte Lindsey
student, Social Work
Amy Livchak
Coordinator of Student Engagement
Dan Matthews
Associate Professor
Shane McCrory
Director of Student Life
Karen Meyer
Academic Advisor/Learning Disabilities Specialist
Zach Walton
Reference and Instruction Librarian