The Ohio State University at Lima

Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award

Description of Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award:

The Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award is an annual award to the Ohio State Lima student who has demonstrated positive leadership and a vision for the future of the student body while enrolled as an Ohio State Lima Student. The recipient will embody the land grant mission of Ohio State Lima, demonstrating a quest for new knowledge combined with public service, one who can balance intellectual pursuits with extra-curricular activities and responsibilities.

About the Award:

This award honors Violet I. Meek upon her retirement as Dean/Director of Ohio State Lima. A committee comprised of faculty and staff will recommend the honoree from a group of nominees. The award will be granted at the annual Academic Celebration Ceremony. The honoree receives a $250 cash prize. A plaque citing all honorees is maintained and displayed in the Office of Student Engagement.


Nominees shall complete a nomination form and may provide resumes and letters of support to support their nomination. Nominations may be made by any member of the campus community. Self-nomination is appropriate, and should be completed as instructed on the nomination form. An official nomination form may be obtained through the Student Engagement Office in Perry Webb 118 or by clicking this link to download a form. Nomination forms, including resumes and letters of support, must be received by Feb. 28, 2021.

Violet I Meek Student Leadership Award Nomination Form

Criteria for the Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award:

  • Possesses a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • An undergraduate in good standing with the University
  • Currently enrolled at the University and have attended Ohio State Lima for a minimum of two (2) semesters
  • Established a demonstrated record of service in leadership and membership roles in campus organizations and activities
  • Displays a strong sense of personal pride and spirit for Ohio State Lima
  • Has made a significant impact on development of co-curricular life at Ohio State Lima
  • Utilizes a leadership style that is an example for others to emulate

History of the Award:

The Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award was established in 2003 as a response to the successful 2002 leadership retreat conducted by Ohio State Lima student Laura Meyer (04) signifying the need to honor student leaders at Ohio State Lima.

The previous honorees include:

2003: Stephanie Patton
2004: Jessica Geiger
2005: Jeanette Passmore
2006: Ashlynne Beard
2007: Geoff Doute
2008: Jered Slusher
2009: Nellie Smith
2010: Sean McNeal
2011: Jessica Rone
2012: Jim Parker
2013: Katherine Kleffner
2014: Jillian Auble
2015: Amanda Williams
2016: Alexander Sciranka
2017: David Braun
2018: Sarah Mackesy
2019: Parthkumar Patel
2020: Dalton Faulder

Qualities of a Leader as defined by the 2002 Lima Campus Leadership Retreat Participants:

Good Listener
Openness to others
Talks to everyone
Delegates responsibility
Knows how to juggle
Respects others
Does not stereotype
Possesses inner strength

Possesses inner character
Does not abuse power
Communicates effectively
Makes sacrifices
Trusts group

Includes everyone
Sets goals
Follows through on goals
Realizes strengths of self
Realizes weaknesses of self
Realizes strengths of others
Realizes weaknesses of others
Educates others
Develops others
Has passion

Approval and Implementation

The Ohio State Lima Advisory Board will approve, fund, and implement the Violet I. Meek Student Leadership Award.