The Ohio State University at Lima

EM Testing

(Credit by Examination)

  • Registration: Heath Learning Center, Galvin Hall 310.
  • EM Test fee: $60 (payable to Ohio State during the registration process).
  • EM Test fee for Veterans are waived.
  • If registering for an EM test you must first meet with an advisor and be referred to the Health Testing Center.
  • If a requisite is listed for an EM Test, you may have to provide written evidence of meeting that requirement.
  • If your EM Test requires a departmental referral please make sure it is obtained before scheduling a test. No refunds provided.
  • If you are beginning your first semester at Ohio State, you may not complete EM Tests until the first day of class.
  • EM Tests are offered for currently enrolled undergraduate students. Graduate students are ineligible to receive credit for an EM Test, but EM Test may be used for placement into higher-level courses. Please consult your academic advisors if you are unsure about eligibility.
  • EM Test are not repeatable.
  • Receiving a mark (U,W, any grade, etc.) for a course makes students ineligible to take the EM Test for that course.
  • You may take EM Tests for courses that you are currently enrolled up through the first Friday of the semester of enrollment in the course. If you wish to take EM Tests for courses in which you are enrolled after the first Friday of the semester, you must first drop the course. This enrollment restrictions does not apply during academic breaks.

Bring to your appointment:

  • Valid form of ID: Government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport state or federal ID, military ID) or BuckID
  • Referral or written proof of eligibility to complete the test, if required.
  • Permitted testing aides: Calculator, ruler, etc.