The Ohio State University at Lima

Exam Proctoring

The Testing Center serves students and faculty by offering opportunities for students to take exams outside of normally-scheduled times, including for make-up tests, extended times, and reduced distraction. Our goal is to create a friendly and receptive atmosphere for students, while at the same time offering security measures to assure faculty members and students of the integrity of the testing process.

Students are required to contact the Testing Center to schedule a time for tests. Please contact Julie Paxton at 567-242-7310 or to schedule your testing time.

Exam Return for Tests and Exam Materials

  • Faculty may pick them up at Galvin 310
  • Materials may be delivered to faculty mailboxes
  • Materials may be scanned and sent via email.

Paper exams will be returned in a sealed envelope with a signature over the flap. This insures that no one but the proctor has seen the test. If the seal is broken or the signature has been disturbed, please contact Julie Paxton or Erika Schnepp.

All exams will be monitored by the Testing Coordinator unless we are given explicit permission to use student workers.