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Around the Quad, Nov. 2017 Archive

Around the Quad captures the news and activities of the employees at Ohio State Lima.
Autumn 2017

The Perry Webb Student Life Building going up behind the annual employee picture is now under roof, complete with windows. When it is time for a similar picture in 2018, it will be complete and brimming with student activities.

Comings and Goings

Deborah Barton

Deborah Barton is the new Education Program Specialist and Academic Advisor for Education.

Sean Boley

Sean Boley is a new Admissions Counselor and Staff Assistant.

Maria Ignatieva

Maria Ignatieva has been promoted to the rank of professor in the Department of Theatre.

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson is a new lecturer in English.

Courtney Roeder

Courtney Roeder is a new Admissions Counselor and Academic Advisor. She will focus on transfer recruitment and advising for Academy and Undergraduate Non-Degree students.

Debbie Seffernick

Debbie Seffernick has joined Facilities as a custodian. She will be working on Galvin 3 and 4. Debbie comes to us from A-Z Meats in Bluffton.

Beverly Steele

Beverly Steele has joined the Theatre Department as the new Assistant Technical Director. She graduated from Ohio State with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Theatre in May.

Virginia Tompkins

Virginia Tompkins has been promoted to the rank of associate professor in the Department of Psychology.

Zach Walton

Zach Walton is the new reference/instruction librarian at the Lima Campus Library.


The Winter Spectacular is set for 5-7 p.m., Thur., Dec. 7, 2017, in the Reed Hall Cafeteria. Former annual end-of-Autumn-Semester festivities are being combined into one, big party. Enjoy dinner, drinks and one another’s company as we look forward to the New Year and Spring Semester. Employees, please RSVP online with your choice of chicken, salmon or vegetarian meal.

Don't forget to enter your key and card numbers by Nov. 30 to help update campus records of keys and parking lot cards. It is quick and nearly painless. Click here if you haven't already done so.


Mark Kleffner

Mark Kleffner, professor of Earth Sciences, has been asked to return as a mentor for the second year of the Faculty FIT program of the University Institute for Teaching and Learning.

Tariq Rizvi

Tariq Rizvi, professor of Mathematics, had a PhD student, Fatma Azmy, complete her degree under his guidance.

Doug Sutton-Ramspeck

Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, associate professor of English, served as a mentor for two gifted high school students for the Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program. One of the student's poems received a Commended Winner Citation from the Foyle Young Poets of the Year competition.

Save the date

Dec. 6, 2017: Autumn Choral Concert

Jan. 4, 2018: LSAC Meeting

Jan. 11, 2018: Telehealth on campus announcement

Feb. 22, 2018: Provost Visit

April 12, 2018: Employee Recognition Dinner with Sweeney Todd option

Grants and Awards

Hea Jin-Lee

Hea Jin-Lee, associate professor of Education, is the co-principal investigator for Improving Teacher Quality Program – Ohio Department of Higher Education, Algebra Ready: Teaching Mathematics with Digital Content.

Kathy Stedke

Kathy Stedke (right), library associate 2, received the University Libraries Director's Award for Outstanding Staff Performance.

Doug Sutton-Ramspeck

Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, associate professor of English, won the 2016-2017 Stephen E. Meats Poetry Prize from the editors of Midwest Quarterly for his poem "Original Birds." The editors of the Southwest Review selected his short story "Messenger" for the McGinnis-Ritchie Award for Fiction.

Outreach and Engagement

Swathi Mohan, lecturer in Chemistry, took her Organic Chemistry classes to Bath Elementary to celebrate National Chemistry Week with the kindergarten classes.

Ohio State Lima volunteers braved poison ivy to help spruce up a day care center for the United Way Day of Caring.

Faculty, staff and students helped make the second STEAM on the Quad event a success. Community participation tripled. More

Presentations, Research and Creative Work

Jackie Augustine

Jackie Augustine, associate professor of Biology, took three undergraduates to the joint conference of the American Ornithological Society and the Society of Canadian Ornithologists in East Lansing, Mich., where she gave a talk during the general session. Two undergraduates, Stephanie Hemfling and Adnan Siddique, presented talks during the Undergraduate Symposium. Erin Place presented a poster.

Irina Boyadzhiev

Irina Boyadzhiev, senior lecturer in Mathematics, presented “GeoGebra – a Place for Diverse Applications and Explorations” at the 2017 GeoGebra Global Gathering in Linz, Austria. GeoGebra is a leading dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching mathematics.

Charles Good

Charles Good, associate professor emeritus in Biology, presented "The first coal ball collection from the state of Ohio – 1949" at the Midcontinent Paleobotanical Colloquium in Ann Arbor.

Leah Herner-Patnode

Leah Herner-Patnode, associate professor of education

Trusty, A. & Herner-Patnode, L. (2017). Using Google Lit Trips for Better Student Comprehension. Presented at CREATE technology conference. Whitehouse, Ohio, United States (June, 2017).

Trusty, A. & Herner-Patnode, L. (2017). Enhance Comprehension using Google Lit Trips. Presented at Mazza Summer Conference. Findlay, Ohio, United States. (July 2017).

Herner-Patnode, L. & Lee, H.J. (2017). Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge and Application of Culturally Responsive Teaching Techniques in Mathematics Instruction. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. July 3-5, 2017, Barcelona, Spain. Paper appears in EDULEARN17 Proceedings, p. 5381-5385. doi:10.21125/edulearn.2017.2218

Ivo Herzog

Ivo Herzog, professor of mathematics, had two invited lectures on "Dubrovin-Puninski Rings" in the algebra seminars of Beijing Normal University and Nanjing Normal University in May.

He also had an invited talk on "The Model Theory of Modules over a Ring with Involution" at the Shanghai Model Theory Workshop in the Department of Philosophy at Fudan University in May.

Invited talk in Erice, Sicily, entitled "The Universal Quantum Logic of a Ring with Involution," in July.

Herzog collaborated with Hea-Jin Lee and others from the College of Education and Human Ecology and the College of Arts and Sciences on Algebra Ready, a year-long professional development opportunity for seventh and eighth grade math teachers and school district math coaches. More here.

Maria Ignatieva

Maria Ignatieva, professor of Theatre, was invited to chair the round table and convene the discussions at the National Convention of the American Society for the East European and East Asian Studies.

She also gave two lectures at the 2017 Lakeside Ohio Chautauqua Annual Lecture Series – "Manipulating Hearts and Minds: Russian TV in the Era of Putin" and "Why THEATRE? The 21st century Russians' Fascination with Theatre of All Genres and Styles."

Sabine Jeschonnek

Sabine Jeschonnek, professor of Physics, S. Jeschonnek and J. W. Van Orden, "Factorization Breaking of ATd for polarized deuteron targets in a relativistic framework," arXiv:1606.04072 [nucl-th], Phys. Rev. C 95, 044001 (2017).

Presented "The Great Recession (2007–2009) and GDP Fluctuations of US States" at the Second Workshop on Statistical Physics for Financial and Economic Networks at the NetSci 2017 conference in Indianapolis.

Mark Kleffner

Mark Kleffner, professor of Earth Sciences

Invited talk for Geology Department at the University of Iowa entitled: “Case studies in the scientific method, aka my 38 years of research (so far) on Silurian conodonts and stratigraphy.”

Co-author on a paper accepted for presentation at a poster session at the Annual Geological Society of America meeting in Seattle: Danielsen, Erika M., Cramer, Bradley D. and Kleffner, Mark A. High-resolution chronostratigraphic correlation of Upper Homerian (Silurian) strata during the Mulde Event, Midcontinent, USA.

Co-author of a paper accepted for publication in Lethaia: N.E.B. McAdams, M.D. Schmitz, M.A. Kleffner, J. Verniers, T.R.A. Vandenbroucke, J.R. Ebert and B.D. Cramer. A new, high-precision CA-ID-TIMS date for the ‘Kalkberg’ K-bentonite (Judds Falls Bentonite). Sept. 16, 2017

Hea Jin-Lee

Hea-Jin Lee, associate professor of Education.

Journal: Lee, H.J., Özgün-Koca, S. A., Meagher, M., & Edwards, M. T. (in press). Examining the Impact of a Framework to Support Prospective Secondary Teachers’ Transition from ‘Doer’ to ‘Teacher’ of Mathematics. Mathematics Teacher Education and Development (MTED)

Proceedings: Herner-Patnode, L. & Lee, H.J. (2017). Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge and Application of Culturally Responsive Teaching Techniques in Mathematics Instruction. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. July 3-5, 2017, Barcelona, Spain. Paper appears in EDULEARN17 Proceedings, p. 5381-5385. doi:10.21125/edulearn.2017.2218

Lee, H.J., Boyadzhiev, I., & Kautz, J. (2017). Remediating lack of fractional knowledge. Paper presented at the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) annual meeting. Oct. 19, 2017, Columbus.

Dan Matthews

Dan Matthews, assistant professor of Theatre.

“A Technical and Contextual Analysis of Scenography Through Sculptural Reproduction: Hofman and Tröster’s Hamlets,” abstract presented at a conference.

Ryan Norris

Ryan Norris, assistant professor of Biology

Norris RW; Upham NS; Downer HL. (2017, June). Converting fossil information into Bayesian priors for calibrating molecular clock analyses in rodents. American Society of Mammalogists. Moscow, Idaho.
Hannah Downer is a Lima undergraduate student who was a coauthor for this work.

Michael Reagon

Michael Reagon, assistant professor of Biology

Co-author on a paper that was published in June: Huang, Zhongyun, et al. "All roads lead to weediness: Patterns of genomic divergence reveal extensive recurrent weedy rice origins from South Asian Oryza." Molecular Ecology 26.12 (2017): 3151-3167.

Presented a poster at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in Portland, Oregon in August: "Role of evolved herbicide resistance in range expansion of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) into Ohio."

Tariq Rizvi

Tariq Rizvi, professor of Mathematics

Gave invited colloquium research talks at Cairo University, Egypt, and Al-Azhar University, Egypt and chaired sessions.

Gave invited plenary talks at International Conference on Algebra and its Applications, Aligarh, India, and at International Conference on Differential Geometry and Algebra at JMI, New Delhi, India, and chaired sessions.

"Endoprime modules and their direct sums," Gangyong Lee and S. Tariq Rizvi, Journal of Algebra and Its Applications 29 Aug 2017.

John Snyder

John Snyder, professor of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Snyder, J.R. (2017). Engaging Students as Future Stakeholders to Improve the Health of the Community: A Case Study. Access: The Journal of the National Association of Branch Campus Administrators, 2(1), Article 3. Retrieved from

Nancy Stephani

Nancy Stephani, lecturer in Social Work, is a regular contributor to the “Mental Health Moments” column in the Findlay Courier. Her most recent topics include the opiate epidemic and ACE scores.

Doug Sutton-Ramspeck

Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, associate professor of English, has had numerous poems and short stories appear in Fourteen Hills, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Cortland Review, Cimarron Review, and Chautauqua. A short story appeared in Green Hills Literary Lantern

Here are the two most significant poems.
“Winter Sky.” Story. Georgia Review, vol. 71.1, 2017, pp. 155-165.

“Nomads.” Poem. Kenyon Review Online, March 1, 2017. Accessed 6 March 2017.

He also gave a poetry reading over the summer in Chicago, for RHINO READS.

With Beth Sutton-Ramspeck, associate professor of English, he co-authored a review of the poetry book Afterland by Mai Der Vang in the Los Angeles Review.

Virginia Tompkins

Virginia Tompkins, associate professor of Psychology

Tompkins, V., Bengochea, A., & Nicol, S., & Justice, L. M. (in press). Mothers’ inferential input and children’s language skills. Reading Research Quarterly.

Tompkins, V., Logan, J. A. R., Blosser, D., & Duffy, K. (2017). Child language and parent discipline mediates the relation between false belief understanding and family income. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 158, 1-18.

Farrar, M. J., Benigno, J., & Tompkins, V. (2017). Are there different pathways to explicit false belief understanding: General language and complementation in typical and atypical populations. Cognitive Development, 43, 49-66.

Tompkins, V. (2017, April). Theory of Mind and Story Comprehension in Preschoolers. Poster session presented at the biannual meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, Texas.

Tompkins, V., Benigno, J., Lee, B., & Gornichec-Wright, B. (2017, April). Parents' Mental State Talk and Children's Theory of Mind: A Meta-Analysis. Poster session presented at the biannual meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, Texas.

Ed Valentine

Ed Valentine, professor of art, was part of a three-person inaugural exhibition at a newly opened gallery in Bushwick, Queens, NY, called Envoy Event Space.

He has had painting in two different invitational exhibitions in New York City. One was part of the Hudson Guild Gallery show “Me, My Selfie and I: Contemporary Self-Portraits.” The other was part of the 8th Annual Tibet Fund Gala hosted by Richard Gere.

Margaret Young

Margaret Young, associate professor of Music

M. Young, C. Stephens-Himonides, & M. Hilley. “Time after Time: A Look at Music Majors’ Experiences in Group Piano Classes.” Poster presented at National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in Lombard, IL (July, 2017). The poster won the best professional research poster award.

M. Young & J. Botes. "How to be an Effective and Productive Juggler: Investigating the Varied Paths towards Tenure as a Pianist." Poster presented at National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in Lombard, IL (July, 2017).

M. Young & C. Stephens-Himonides. “Exploring Global Keyboard Education Trends.” Poster presented at Research in Music Education Conference. Bath Spa University, United Kingdom (April, 2017).

M. Young, C. Stephens-Himonides, & M. Hilley. “A Closer Look at Collegiate Group Piano Programs.” Paper presentation at Music Teacher’s National Association National Conference, Baltimore, MD (March 2017).

Mohamed Yousif

“C4-Modules,” Communications in Algebra 45(4) (2017), 1727-1740.

“D4-Modules,” Journal of Algebra and its Applications. Vol. 16, No. 5 (2017) 1750166 (25 pages).

“Rings whose cyclics are D3-modules,” Journal of Algebra and its Applications, Vol. 16, No. 8 (2017) 1750184 (15 pages).

“Simple-Direct-Modules,” Communications in Algebra 45(8) (2017), 3643-3652.

“Corrigendum to Simple-Direct-Modules”, Communications In Algebra, published online March 8th, 2017.
“When R is a testing module for projectivity?” Journal of Algebra 484 (2017), 198-206.

“Utumi Modules”, Communications In Algebra, Published online June 15th, 2017.

“Rings all of whose right ideals are U-modules”, Communications In Algebra, appeared online August 17, 2017.

Invited Talks on "Utumi Modules"
Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, May 3, 2017.

Invited Plenary Speaker, the International Algebra workshop, Anhui Normal University, Anhui, China, May 6th, 2017.

Invited Plenary Speaker, the International Algebra workshop, Jiangxi Normal University, Jiangxi, China, May 12th, 2017.

Invited talk, Southeast University, Nanjing, China, May 20, 2017.

Invited talk, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, May 21st, 2017.

Invited talk, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China, May 22nd, 2017.

Beat Michigan Week on campus ends with Chili Cook-Off

LaKenya Johnson wins 2017 LSAC Chili Cook-Off

LaKenya Johnson, Coordinator of Enrollment Services, took home the trophy for the 2017 LSAC Chili Cook Off in a blind taste test competition for Beat Michigan Week.

Other cooks included Shane McCroy, Courtney Gandy, Bobby Polser and Lori Schleeter.