The Ohio State University at Lima

Teaching Excellence Award

The Lima campus Teaching Excellence Award recognizes the outstanding performance of an Ohio State Lima faculty member, both in appreciation of past excellence and to encourage future innovation. A list of Ohio State Lima Faculty who are eligible to receive this award, excepting those who have received it within the past five years or are currently serving on the Selection Committee.

Students who submit a nomination will be entered to win one of two Lima Campus Bookstore gift cards ($25 each).

Nominations close on March 5, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.

Faculty Eligible for Nomination:

Dr. David Adams, Associate Professor, English

Dr. Bill Angel, Associate Professor Emeritus, Political Science

Ms. Margie Anich, Lecturer, Theatre

Dr. Jackie Augustine, Associate Professor, EEOB

Robin Bagley, Assistant Professor, EEOB

Dr. Mary "Katie" Barnes, Lecturer, Education

Dr. Stanley "Chip Blake, Associate Professor, History

Mr. Steve Borga, Lecturer, Mathematics

Ms. Irina Boyadzhiev, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics

Dr. Patrick Carroll, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Ms. Jaya Casukhela, Lecturer, Mathematics

Dr. Dean Cristol, Associate Professor, Education

Ms. Carmen Cupples, Lecturer, Social Work

Dr. David Easter, Senior Lecturer, Communications

Dr. Scott Fisher, Lecturer, Classics

Dr. Gosia Gabrys, Senior Lecturer, English

Dr. Charles Good, Associate Professor Emeritus, EEOB

Mr. Jeremy Grachan, Lecturer, Anatomy

Dr. Elisabeth Gray, Senior Lecturer, EEOB

Dr. Joseph Green, Professor, Psychology

Dr. Ewan Hamilton, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Samantha Haudenschield, Lecturer, Psychology

Dr. Tryntje Helfferich, Associate Professor, History

Dr. John Hellmann, Professor, English

Dr. Leah Herner-Patnode, Associate Professor, Education

Dr. Ivo Herzog, Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Brian Himebaugh, Lecturer, History

Dr. Zach Hines, Visiting Assistant Professor, English

Dr. Ted Houghton, Lecturer, Sociology

Dr. Maria Ignatieva, Professor, Theatre

Dr. Thomas Ingersoll, Associate Professor, History

Dr. Sabine Jeschonnek, Professor, Physics

Ms. Jessica Johnson, Lecturer, English

Ms. Renee Keller, Lecturer, Music

Dr. Mark Kleffner, Professor, Earth Sciences

Ms. Heather Koontz, Lecturer, Social Work

Dr. Hea-Jin Lee, Associate Professor, Education

Dr. Seung Lee, Lecturer, Economics

Dr. Young Ah Lee, Associate Professor, Education

Dr. Fábio Leite, Associate Professor, Psychology

Ms. Monika Major, Senior Lecturer, Spanish

Mr. Dan Matthews, Associate Professor, Theatre

Dr. Swathi Mohan, Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr. Eric Mumper, Lecturer, Earth Sciences

Dr. Ryan Norris, Assistant Professor, EEOB

Dr. Lisa Nguyen, Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr. Zak Nyongesa, Lecturer, African American and African Studies

Ms. Jodi Pierstorff, Lecturer, ASL

Mr. Jim Rieman, Lecturer, Engineering Technology

Ms. Nancy Risner, Lecturer, EEOB

Dr. Tariq Rizvi, Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Cosmin Roman, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Dr. Nicoleta Roman, Assistant Professor, CSE

Ms. Tina Schneider, Professor/Director, Lima Campus Library

Dr. Janet Schilk, Lecturer, Chemistry

Dr. Anthony Shoup, Senior Lecturer, Physics

Dr. John Snyder, Professor, Health & Rehab Sciences

Dr. Dawn Starr, Lecturer, Philosophy

Ms. Nancy Stephani, Lecturer, Social Work

Ms. Dawn Swihart, Lecturer, Education

Dr. Virginia Tompkins, Associate Professor, Psychology

Mr. Ed Valentine, Professor, Art

Dr. Mohamed Yousif, Professor, Mathematics

Ms. Laurel Weaver, Lecturer, Social Work