Homecoming Court

Court members are selected based on their leadership qualities, spirit, integrity, and achievement through their contributions and involvement at Ohio State. The Royalty selection process begins with an application. Based on application scores and GPA, individual interviews are offered and conducted by Ohio State faculty, staff, and alumni. The application and interview scores are combined with the student body vote, and the royalty is announced.

Royalty members then volunteer and serve as ambassadors during Welcome Week and Homecoming Week, prior to a student body vote and announcement of the Homecoming Royalty.

headshot of regan russell

Regan Russell

Hometown: Pandora Gilboa

Rank: Junior


Campus involvement:

STEAM – Helping others be engaged with discovery learning.

Art Club - Member on campus

Bible Club - Member on campus

CAB – Supported meetings on campus

What Does it mean to you to be a Buckeye? 

What it means for me to be a buckeye is the idea of being a part of something bigger. These past few years I have learned and experienced firsthand the willingness of the OSU Lima community to help others, our involvement in the local community, and a welcoming atmosphere.  Knowing that I am not alone with the support of other Buckeyes, I feel like I can conquer any challenge or adversity. This feeling of home, or family, is something I want to share with others. I want to help others feel at home while gaining life experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. Being a Buckeye is something that I have always wanted.  I have looked forward to following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather by experiencing OSU and what it means to be a Buckeye.

headshot of nicole pohlman

Nicole Pohlman

Hometown: Delphos

Rank: Sophomore

Major: English/ Professional Writing

Writing Tutor for the Philip Heath Learning Center.  Managing Editor for OSU's Literary Journal titled "Hog Creek Hardin". Read at an on campus poetry reading for "Hog Creek Hardin".  OSU guest speaker/presenter for the Allen County Chamber of Commerce "Women in Business".  Columbus Regional Campus Day Statehouse Student Selection. Student meet-and-greet with Marion Campus Provost Melissa Gilliam.  Member of Bible Club and Poetry Club. Poems published under Marion Campus' Literary Journal titled "Cornfield Review". Participated in the Education Club's Book Fair.  Volunteered for the Spring Involvement Fair.  Participant of Psychology Research Studies.  ASL Deaf Game Night Participant. Ohio State Day Cedar Point Participant.  Avid Murder Mystery Dinner Attendant.  Attended guest speaker David Coleman's course.  Halloween Movie Night Participant.  Attended the on campus BuckeyeLove event.

By being a Buckeye at The Ohio State University, I have the opportunity to engage with other students on campus and enroll in countless opportunities I never thought imaginable. Working with professors who are devoted and dedicated to their fields of study, I find security and success in all my courses.  At Ohio State Lima, I'm proud to be employed as a writing tutor to help fellow students achieve their educational goals.  I truly find The Ohio State University to be like a second home to me due to the welcoming atmosphere our campus provides.  I'm thrilled to begin my second year of college, and excited to experience the moments and memories to come.  "Time and change will surely show, How firm thy friendship...O-H-I-O".

headshot of aimee kloeppel

Aimee Kloeppel

Hometown: Lima

Rank: Sophomore 

Major: Zoology 

Campus involvement (past and present): Vice President of Art Club, Two theatre shows: Louis the Cat and Here We Are, Attended Snow tubbing with Chad, Member of the LGBTQ Club, Interning at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, STEP Program, E1T1 Mentor

What does it mean to you to be a Buckeye?: To be a Buckeye means to be a good person. Being a Buckeye entails consistently embodying positive values and demonstrating kindness, empathy, and integrity in one's actions and interactions. It involves treating others with respect, understanding their perspectives, and showing compassion. A Buckeye strives to make a positive impact on the world, whether through small gestures or larger efforts, and seeks to uplift those around them. Integrity and honesty are integral to their character, as they uphold their principles even when faced with challenges. Ultimately, being a Buckeye means contributing to a more harmonious and empathetic society by fostering connections and promoting the well-being of others. 

headshot of agape

Agape Anderson

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Class rank: Junior

Major: Biology, Pre-med track.

Campus involvement: 

Greetings, Fellow Buckeyes!

My name is Agape Anderson, and I am a rising Junior at OSU Lima, majoring in Biology with aspirations to become a physician.   As an Honors program student, my experiences with OSU have been vast and exciting. As part of the program in my first year, I traveled to Cleveland with other students to explore the Dittrick Medical History Center and Case Western's medical campus. This experience was the most enjoyable, which led to my interest in serving on the board of the Pre-Health Club. I am going into my second term as President. Working with my peers, professors and learning from community leaders in the medical community has been a pleasure. 

Part of my journey to learn about the medical field and the various areas, such as Psychology, led me to become a research volunteer at OSU in January 2022. The project examined the individual differences in spatial and cognitive abilities between athletic and artistic individuals. The findings were presented in a research forum in April 2022 and 2023, with new results. My role changed, and I became the lead research assistant in the Fall of my sophomore year for the Psychology Department DOMAIN research project, which aimed to determine how music's therapeutic benefits impact pain tolerance.

These opportunities have also opened the door for me to work at Lima Hospital. I can engage in the field I plan to pursue as a career while also giving to the community that has embraced me as part of the OSU family.

At Ohio State, I have been given opportunities on various fronts to showcase my leadership and academic achievements. One of my academic achievements is being a part of the Honors program cohort and a Dean's List student at OSU. As for leadership roles, I am the President of our Pre-Health Club, on the OSU Diversity Committee, a mentor for incoming students (E1T1), part of the STEP program, and engage in various student group-led groups on campus. Some of my volunteering includes mentoring Lima City school students through diverse programming. These programs include but are not limited to the Positive Lifestyles Career Program, William Fowler Science Series program, STEAM on the Quad, and assisting with building Lima's Safety City Park. I also serve as a student representative for the OSU Lima campus. 

 What does it mean to you to be a Buckeye?

There are many qualities I can relate to being a Buckeye, including resilience, family, ambition, leadership, and identity. While at OSU, I have exhibited strength in the face of personal challenges and have pressed toward the goal. Being a Buckeye means overcoming challenges, working through adversity, and not giving up even when the odds are not in your favor. Being a part of OSU has allowed me to join a family that extends past Ohio into a global community. On a local scale, I have worked with OSU students, faculty, and community leaders who have been extraordinarily welcoming and given me platforms to serve and contribute my gifts. Since my first year, I have been able to be ambitious, participating in many extracurriculars, and met professors who have played a significant role in shaping who I am today. Being a Buckeye means being a leader. Coming to the OSU Lima campus has allowed me to take opportunities that I may not have been able to at another college or campus. This includes leading clubs, becoming the student representative on campus, exposing to students within and outside of Lima concerning STEM, and becoming a change agent on my campus and in the local community. All of this can be attributed to my definition of what a buckeye must possess. 

Lastly, being a Buckeye is understanding your current identity and how you are evolving. When I first started at OSU amidst Covid, I was apprehensive about how I would pursue my education and make friends while being in a pandemic. However, I realized many individuals like me on campus were still determining their futures but desired to build a community. As a result, I utilized the limitless interactive possibilities. I began to have more confidence talking to people on campus, interacting with professors, and participating in extracurriculars which would help hone my identity on campus. Because of all my experiences, I am confident of my identity as a pre-med student who desires to assist on campus and become a trailblazer. 

headshot of kyira knous

Kyira Knous

Hometown: Wapakoneta 

Rank: Junior

Major: Social Work 

Present: STEP Program, Social Work Club President, Each One Teaches One Mentorship Program

Past: Recreational Assistant On-Campus Job

To be a Buckeye means to confidently run toward every opportunity presented to you. Taking every chance, putting in the work, valuing traditions and creating new ones that will help you reach all of the aspirations you could have possibly imagined.

headshot of jose jones

Jose Jones

Hometown: Erie, MI

Class rank (for fall 2023): Sophomore

Major(s) and minor(s): Major: Theatre Minor: Psychology

Campus involvement (past and present):

● Clubs: Campus Activities Board, OSU Lima Art Club, Student Senate


● Involvements: OSU Lima Fall Play: Louis the Cat and his Puppet


● OSU Lima Spring Plays: “A Marriage Proposal” By Anton Checkov

● “Here We Are” By Dorothy Parker

● Student Speaker + Recipient at the “Scholarship Reception: A

celebration of impact”

● WeServe BloodDrive

What does it mean to you to be a Buckeye?:

To me, a Buckeye means to be the best you. To be able to bring out the potential that is stored from within and executing your abilities to your upmost effort and gratitude. Being a Buckeye can mean many things because this one word speaks volumes, it can lead us to many opportunities and moments to shine and show the world the best of our attributes. From the morning when I wake up to the night when I go to sleep, I try my hardest to be a Buckeye, to be someone that people can aspire to, to believe in, and to guide themselves for the right path. Being a Buckeye is one of the most prestigious things to be, to be honored with such a title is a tremendous honor because the altitude and the hard work it truly takes to be a Buckeye is both difficult and effortless at the same time. It may seem that being a Buckeye takes so much out of you to be one, but in reality, it is one of the easiest things to accomplish. Getting up in the morning to go to school, that’s being a Buckeye. Drawing blood to help others, that’s being a Buckeye. Simply picking up a piece of garbage off the sidewalk and throwing it awat, that is being a Buckeye. This brings me back to my statement prior, being a Buckeye can mean a lot of things, and the way I see what a Buckeye is can totally be different from someone else’s perspective. That is what makes being a Buckeye even more special, what it means is endless and can be many things. And that is what being a Buckeye is all about.