The Ohio State University at Lima

Job Description of President of Faculty Assembly

(as approved by the Faculty Assembly on November 18, 1998)

General description: The President of the Faculty Assembly is the elected head of the Faculty Assembly, represents the Assembly in matters of campus governance, and is responsible to the Assembly. From time to time issues arise which affect the welfare of the faculty. As spokesperson for the faculty, the president mediates crises and problems affecting the welfare of the faculty (e.g., academic freedom) and performs other general duties consistent with the constitution and by-laws of the Faculty Assembly.

Specific Duties:

  1. The President serves for the Academic year--from the first day of Autumn Quarter to the last day of Summer Quarter. (Article II, Section 1c)
  2. The President is a member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Assembly, and on a monthly basis meets with that committee, which includes the Dean, who presides over the committee, and the officers of the Faculty Assembly. (Article I, Section 3)
  3. The President calls and presides at the meetings of the Assembly, represents the Assembly in meetings with the Dean, informs the Dean of business and recommendations of the Assembly, appoints committees [unless committees are elected by the Assembly], and carries out business as instructed by the Assembly. (Art. I, Sec. 4a, Sec. 6; Art. II, Sec. 1d)
  4. The President may call a special meeting of the Assembly and must call a special meeting when instructed to do so by 10% or more of the membership. (Art. I, Sec. 4b)
  5. Working with the Executive Committee, the President prepares an agenda for regularly scheduled meetings of the Assembly at least seven days before the meeting date. The President also supervises distribution of the agenda by the secretary. (Art. I, Sec. 5)
  6. The President represents the Faculty Assembly at meetings of the OSU Lima Campus Board of Trustees and at meetings of the Regional Campus Faculty Council. (Art. I, Sec. 2)
  7. As head of the Faculty Assembly, the President supervises the election of officers and committees, this election to occur at the regular meeting in May of each year. (Art. II, Sec. 2)