The Ohio State University at Lima

Professional Faculty Travel

Policy for Faculty Travel for Research Presentation, 2020-2021 Fiscal Year

Funds for faculty research presentation will be available as follows:

  • Up to $1,400 for each tenure-line faculty member presenting at domestic professional conference(s).
  • Every other year, up to $1,750 for each tenure-line faculty member who will present at one international professional conference (1.25 times the limit of domestic).
  • Faculty members need to apply for the funds before they travel by submitting a proposal to the Associate Dean’s office stating what type of presentation will be given, a brief explanation of the relevance of the meeting to the field, and a travel budget.
  • If the faculty member does not plan to present at a professional meeting or does not have a significant scientific or organizational role, there will be no travel funding. Should selection become necessary, preference will be given to faculty members who were not awarded travel funds in the previous year. If approved, funds will be awarded associated with a Travel Number (T#).
  • Associated faculty will have access to a professional development fund subject to the same rules above, with individual limits set at half the limits above.

Travel to Columbus for research dissemination as a representative of the Lima Campus will be reimbursed as follows:

  • Travel between campuses is expected to be completed with the campus car, with fuel reimbursement allowed for up to three trips to Columbus per semester.
  • If driving your own car, verifiable mileage will be reimbursed at half of the current standard federal rate for business purposes, and the reimbursement amount will count toward the conference allowance for the year.
  • Note that University rules forbid the reimbursement of mileage for trips that are less than the distance of the traveler’s home to her/his primary work site (Lima Campus for us).

Approved by the Budget and Space Committee on November 3, 2015