The Ohio State University at Lima

For Faculty and Staff

We understand that Lima Campus is a small, close-knit group. Faculty/staff – student relationships are unique on smaller campuses such as ours. As a result, having multiple, overlapping relationships with an individual student is common (student in your classes, work-study student in your department, member/officer of the student org you supervise, etc.). Our services are based in this understanding and geared to the specifics of this campus and our unique students.

Ohio State Lima Counseling and Consultation Services provides a number of services for faculty and staff members on campus.

We are available to consult with you regarding any concerns you might have about an individual student, about dealing with sensitive topics in your classes, or other questions you may have.

We are also available to speak to your classes about specific topics or issues that you believe would be helpful for the course or the students in that course. Just call or email to make arrangements.

We also offer training and information sessions periodically that are aimed at faculty and staff members who work closely with students.

Helping your students

Faculty FAQs:

  1. I referred one of my students to you, can you tell me if he/she has made an appointment / is coming for services?
  2. No. Because of confidentiality requirements, we cannot release any information about students that seek our services unless the student signs a release of information form. The student is free to disclose this information to you, but they are under no obligation to do so, or to allow us to do so.
  3. What do I do if a student sends me an email that I’m concerned about?
  4. You are welcome to call us to talk about the email or ask one of us to read it. We are happy to look at it and we may be able to offer some advice about how to approach the student if you are concerned.
  5. What do I do if I’m concerned about a student in my office right now? What if I don’t think it’s a good idea (safe) for this student to leave right now without some help?
  6. If you are talking with a student and you believe that he/she needs help or needs to speak with someone before leaving, you may call us or walk the student to our offices. If we are available we will accept walk-in’s for crisis appointments at any time. We are also happy to come to your office to meet with a student in crisis if they are more comfortable with that. If you cannot reach either of us, you may contact Campus Police (Sgt Swygart) at 8410 for assistance. If you feel that your safety, the student’s safety, or the safety of others is in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1
  7. One of my students turned in a paper / assignment and I’m worried about the student based on the content. What can I do?
  8. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to talk with you about your concerns, about the content of the assignment, and possible ways to approach the student if you are concerned about him / her.
  9. A student in my class is acting strangely / is disrupting the class or distracting other students. What should I do?
  10. We can offer help or advice in many situations about handling students that are disruptive in class or are acting in a way that concerns you. You may also utilize the resources of the Counseling and Consultation Service on Columbus Campus at which includes information about dealing with disruptive or distressed students.

    Alternatively, you may contact any member of the Consultation and Assessment Team, who will consult with the other members of the team and determine the best way to assist the student. More information about the Lima Consultation and Assessment Team is available here:
  11. I’m concerned about one of my students based on his / her life at home (stress at work / financial difficulties / etc.). How can I / you help?
  12. Lima Counseling and Consultation Services maintains an extensive list of resources in Allen and surrounding counties to assist students with many common concerns for which therapy may not be the most effective intervention. These include areas such as finding housing, unplanned pregnancies, domestic violence, food insecurity, medical care, HIV screening, legal assistance, and more.

Help for you

If you believe that you are in need of psychological services, you may find information for faculty and staff on the Ohio State Human Resources web page

If you are in need of immediate help, feel you’re in danger of harming yourself or someone else, or are feeling suicidal, please contact one or more of the following:

* We Care Crisis Center – 24/7 phone assistance or walk-in care
799 S. Main St., Lima, OH
1-800-567-HOPE (4673)
* National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

* 9-1-1